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Welcome to the Coursework Bank where students can find a world of useful information on producing high-quality coursework and essays. The Coursework Bank is not only a data-bank; we like to think of it in the more traditional sense of bank, something like a depository of valuables – in this case a treasure of information and advice. One of our most useful services is our essay database, which contains examples of other people’s essays. We all know that a couple of examples are worth a hundred words of explanation, and this feature is greatly appreciated by struggling essay-writers.

Since 2003

Our strength is in our experience and we have been helping students for many years. The courseworkbank.co.uk website was set up in 2003 with a view to providing students in all branches and levels of education with the necessary know-how to produce good quality essays or coursework. We provide essay structuring advice, tips about improving coursework, ideas for a new angle or a new approach, guidelines for getting started and much more besides.


When examinations loom on the horizon we are here to help! Exam preparation can be crucial to the success of the mission; we can prepare students to tackle all types of exams, with useful tips and advice that will enable them to confront the examination room with determination and confidence.

That all-important essay

Essay writing is no easy task. It is a useful, and much used, educational tool. It is a tried and trusted way to test students’ ability to organise and analyse what they have learned and provide evidence to support their thesis. Definitely no easy task when tackling the beast for the first time, and it probably does not get much easier ten or twenty essays later. The student, especially the first-timer, needs help and encouragement and Coursework Bank can provide these; we can help to get that vital essay off the ground, with key advice about approach, structure and tone, and information about both practical and formal characteristics of essay writing.

The time factor

Coursework Bank, with its huge store of coursework and essays on innumerable subjects, is an enormous help for those students who are running out of time. Students can consult past essays for information pertaining to their own subject; this could be the starting-point of their research which could give the essay an immediate kick-start and save a lot of time. Also doubts and questions about essay format, arrangement and style, can be easily answered by consulting these database essays. Past essays on a similar subject can be almost like a personal tutor by providing all these factors in a nutshell, and consequently leading to that confident well-written high-quality essay.